Do you live on one of our dorms?

We are a bunch of students who devote their spare time to making the dormitory life better to everyone. On our dormitories, we run a computer network, gym, infrasauna and much more. Whether you become just an ordinary member or whether you join us in our effort, we’ll be happy to see you among us!

What are the benefits of being a member?

Depends on what membership you have. All of our members can use bike storage, luggage storage and multimedia room and borrow board games, sport equipment, electronics, tools and more. Members with Sport membership have the use of gym and infrasauna too. Finally, those having a Network membership can also take advantage of an internet connection, streaming TV or the network printer.

Basic membership

Multimedia room
Equipment to borrow
Dorm events
Bike storage
Luggage storage

Sport membership


Network membership

Internet connectivity
Streaming TV
Network printer

How can I become a member?

Signing up is a piece of cake and takes only few moments. Under certain circumstances, it is possible to do all steps in just one evening.

Register using SINIS

SINIS is name of our information system. To be able to register, you have to be connected to our network – either using a network socket in your room or through a Wi-Fi network called Sincoolka-registration.

Sign the registration form

Come to LAB during office hours and sign the paper registration form. LAB is located in the last floor of Sinkuleho dorm opposite the elevator, office hours are on Monday and Wednesday from 8PM to 9PM.

Pay the membership fee

After signing the registration form, you will get data for paying the membership fee. As soon as we receive your payment, you’ll become one of us!

Measures against COVID-19

To limit the spread of new coronavirus and COVID-19 disease, and to protect everyone involved, we are taking protective measures, which might include limiting office hours and new registrations.

What next?

Be sure to follow our Facebook page, so you stay informed about parties, extraordinary events, news and more. We also recommend joining Facebook group Sinkuleho kolej or Dejvická kolej, which will enable you to keep in touch with your neighbours. You can also follow our Instagram or Twitter.

Can I participate as well?

The whole club is run by enthusiasts – without them, there would be no club at all. So if you’ve got enthusiastic too, you are more than welcome to help us! We’ll be pleased to present you our activities, and if you become interested in any of them, give you an opportunity to contribute. Just let us know!

Looking forward to see you!

Sincoolka team