Multimedia room was established in the basement of Sinkuleho dormitory ( door next to the gym ) in cooperation of KSk and SSSin. It’s only for inhabitants of Sinkuleho and Dejvická dormitory. It’s designated for presentations, seminars, meetings and projections. Its capacity is approximately for 15 people, but it is possible to increase capacity up to 35 seats. Room is equipped with projector, table, mobile presentation board, projection screen and computer with internet access.

Reservation system

Reservation can be made in two ways:

  1. personal agreement with the manager,
  2. by e-mail to

E-mail must contain:

  • name
  • room number
  • purpose of reservation
  • date and time of reservation
  • date and time of pick up room key
  • date and time of return room key



Miroslav Čáp, room no. 163 (SIN)
Martina Tvrzická, room no. 139 (SIN)

(Old EN) Operating rules of the multimedia room – there are new Czech rules in effect

Multimedia room reservation calendar