The gym is located  in the basement of Sinkuleho dormitory (door next to the Multimedia room).

⚠️ Currently the gym is closed, due to organization reasons!


Access to the Gym

Access to the gym only members with Sport membership.

The gym is open from 6:00 to 22:00. Two registered cards are required to access the gym.
The chip card (ISIC, student card ČVUT) will register you in room 97 on Monday or Wednesday from 19:30 to 21:00.

For safety reasons, at least two members are required to be in the gym while exercising.
Exceptions include people who have a signed Fitness Entrance statement.
You can find a statement on the gym door and sign him in room 97.

The last one who is leaving the gym need to close the windows and switch off the lights.
While exercising at the gym, it is necessary to have a towel and use indoor shoes.

Operating rules of the Gym (Czech only)

Summary of equipment

In the Gym you can use for example:

  • cycling trainers
  • positioning booster bench
  • benchpress
  • multifunctional cage
  • punching bag
  • the trapeze
  • single-handed dumbbells
  • Olympic axis
  • BOSU
  • circles
  • TRX
  • rowing simulator
  • assault air bike
  • kettlebells
  • Bulgarian bag
  • slam ball
  • wallball