Main contacts

Admin office hours

We register new members and solve user issues

each Monday and Wednesday 20:00–21:00, blue button Online office

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Gym office hours

The gym is now closed 🙁

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They manage user accounts and take care of computer network.


Deals with all the matters of the club, including finances.

Dorm Deputies

They fight for your rights at both Sinkuleho and Dejvická!


Taking care of our presentation, social networks, and talking with the public.

Members by sections

Head of network section:

Pavel Valach, room no. 78 (SIN)


Jiří Martinů (SIN)
Tomáš Dostál (SIN)
Filip Kučera, room no. 135 (SIN)
Marcel Petráň, room no. 001B (DEJ)


Pavel Valach, room no. 78 (SIN)

Manager of Bike depository
Jakub Burdych, room no. 69 (SIN)

Managers of Gym

Perform gym card registration during their office hours.
Adam Johanides, room no. 97 (SIN)
Martin Kvetoň, room no. 97 (SIN)

Manager of sports equipment

Manager of desk games

Managers of Multimedia room
Lukáš Bureš, room no. 001B (DEJ)
Jiří Žalský, room no. 45 (SIN)

Managers of Luggage depository
Adam Mitrenga, room no. 175 (SIN)

Manager of Grill depository
Lukáš Střelka, room no. 73 (SIN)

Manager of LAB

The position is not filled at the moment.

Adam Mitrenga
Room SIN 161

  • Strategic club management
  • Finances and membership fees

Vice Chairman
Ivana Šetmaňuková
Room SIN 95

  • Treasurer
  • Manager of Infrasauna

Delegate of the Sinkuleho dormitory
Lukáš Střelka

  • Manager of grill and beer
  • Negotiates with dormitory management on how to make dormitory better, resolving issues

Delegate of the Dejvická dormitory
Marcel Petráň
Room DEJ 001B

  • Network administrator
  • Negotiates with dormitory management on how to make dormitory better, resolving issues

Delegates of the Club

Martin Květon
Room SIN 95

  • Gym manager

Jakub Burdych
Room SIN 69

Head of PR
Manager of bike depo

If you need help with events promotion or preparing events, write an email to or visit Head of PR:

Jakub Burdych, room no. 69 (SIN)

Our home

Sinkuleho dormitory

Sinkuleho kolej

Sinkuleho kolej
Zikova 702/13
160 00 Praha 6 – Dejvice

Dejvická dormitory

Dejvická kolej

Dejvická kolej
Zikova 538/19
160 00 Praha 6 – Dejvice

Billing address

Studentská unie ČVUT
Jugoslávských partyzánů 1580/3
160 00 Praha 6 – Dejvice

Company Registration No.: 67981224
VAT number: CZ67981224
EORI: CZ67981224


CTU Student Union is our mothership!