Club Sincoolka is a student club and a part of CTU Student Union. The club obeys the statutes of SU and the statutes of Club Sincoolka. One of the essential roles of the club is to run computer network on Sinkule and Dejvická dormitories. The computer network is accessible to all members.

Network administrators maintain the computer network. At the core of the system, there are a couple of servers that secure basic connectivity to the academic network and Internet, as well as some extended services (email, news, network printer, web server and others).

The club offers various services for its members. It also organises various social events, such as sports events, grills, etc.

Members of the club are mostly residents of Sinkule and Dejvická dormitories. That means they are primarily students and employees of Czech Technical University in Prague. The Board of Club Sincoolka ensures smooth operation of the club. The club members elect the Board in regular elections.

A major part of the club activities is being run by volunteers which emerge from regular members of the club. Just like you!

The club is mainly funded by membership fees, but can be also supported by sponsorship.

To find more information on how to become a member of our club, please visit the main page!